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Font Factory

A design tool that can help you generate unique fonts

Individual Project: Processing, Creativity


This program plans to create a design tool to help designers to create and innovate fonts dynamically, reducing the huge workload of designers when designing fonts with traditional design tools, and thus realize faster, better and more efficient design work.

Program Logic
  • Create a blank canvas PGraphics

  • Enter a String

  • Turn canvas PGraphics into a pixel image PImage

  • Read the positions of pixels that the String takes up into PVector[]

  • Process the pixels in PVector[]

Main Functions

3 Font Styles

1. Sparkle Style

Display random blinking stars on the trajectory of the letter

2. Googe Style

Use squares with google color to form letters
Interact with mouse position

3. Bubble Style

Generate letter forms by lines reinforced with circles

Interact with mouse position

Ancillary Features

Save current interface as a png file

Start recording video. 

Stop recording and save video. 

User Flow
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