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Five-animal Boxing Congee Set

A Cultural Branding Product

based on a traditional Chinese exercise

Product Design: Branding, Package, Food, Culture


The Five-animal Boxing Congee set is inspired by Chinese traditional exercise, Five-animal boxing. This set is based on the animal characters, in reference to the five elements and internal organs they are corresponding. I chose ingredients of the congee in response to the effect they have on the certain organs according to traditional Chinese medicine. I hope to convey healthy lifestyle that mix tradition and innovation.  

About Five-animal Boxing

What is Five-animal Boxing?

Five-animal boxing is a Chinese traditional fitness method with a long history.

It is said to have been created by imitating the movements of five kinds of animals. 

Movement Reference

Design Elements

Element 1: Animal Character

The Five-animal boxing is a set of health and fitness exercises created using the images and movements of animals including tigers, deer, monkeys, bears and birds.

These five animals all represent very typical symbols and images in traditional Chinese culture.

Element 2: Corresponding Elements and Organs











According to the theory of Chinese medicine, the five animals of tiger, deer, bear, ape and bird, according to their nature, correspond to the gold, wood, water, fire and earth of the five elements of yin and yang, as well as the liver, kidney, spleen, heart and lung of the human body.

Element 3: Movement

The Five-animal boxing imitates the movements and charm of five animals:

the tiger is powerful and good at hunting, the deer is comfortable and good at horn resistance, the bear is calm and good at strolling, the ape is dexterous and good at jumping, and the bird is light and fast and good at flying.

What to Convey?

Reflect the development of Chinese exercise


A scientific exercise to keep fit and to promote


Convey the philosophy of Taichi and Harmony


I brainstormed several solutions to use the design elements in an interesting way, so that people can easily recognize and accept five-animal boxing. 

Solution 1: Just "KungFu"

An interactive game that guide users to do the movements of five-animal boxing

Accompanied with themed game stick, smart gloves aand headset

Solution 2: Healthy Congee Set

A healthy congee set with selected flavors and ingredients corresponding to the five elements, organs and animal characters

Solution 3: Other Souveniers

A healthy congee set with selected flavors and ingredients corresponding to the five elements, organs and animal characters

Final Design

I deepened the congee solution and designed the five animal characters, including their head, body and color match. The character images are applied on the package of the product.






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